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A huge market with significantly underestimated potential is waiting for new, innovative solutions.

Biomethane is a natural energy source. As it is produced from renewable raw materials or organic waste in biogas plants, biomethane as a fuel in the transport sector can contribute to renewable energy and the achievement of climate protection goals.

With more than 9,500 facilities, Germany has the highest density of biogas plants in the world – so there is huge potential available. This means that fuel for vehicles can be produced locally, and does not have to be transported over long distances.

Using just 5 % of the biogas produced in 2019, all city buses in Germany could be operated in a CO2-neutral and “clean” way.

Biogas in its gaseous state has a very low density and is therefore very difficult to transport and store. This is why we liquefy it directly onsite at the biogas plant: the energy of 600 litres of gaseous biomethane is contained in one litre of Liquefied Bio Methane (LBM).

Our sustainable
CM Fluids concept – regional, low emissions, stable prices!

CM Fluids represents a sustainable recycling economy in which resources are used again and again. The basis for this is biogas, which we use to produce biomethane and then liquefy it.

We market the biomethane as so-called LBM (Liquid Biomethane) in the transport sector. In addition to filling stations that offer biomethane, our patented CMF drive generator-electric drive system can use biomethane as a fuel, thereby enabling local authorities to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to zero and thus achieve their sustainability targets for local public transport.

The CO2 released during bus operation maintains this cycle: it feeds the energy crops from the region that are needed for biogas production, and can therefore help produce liquid biomethane as fuel for climate-neutral driving.

This completes the unique CM Fluids approach, which delivers both economic efficiency and environmental sustainability through its circular concept.

This is what liquid biomethane (LBM)
offers you

Liquid natural gas (LNG) has been used in the transport sector for some time to power cars and commercial vehicles. The molecular structure of liquid biomethane is chemically identical to that of liquid natural gas. While natural gas is transported over long distances to Germany, our liquid biomethane comes from biogas plants in the local region. With its outstanding combustion properties, biomethane is ideally suited for fuel use, and is the benchmark for reducing CO2 emissions. Thanks to liquefaction technology, LBM can also be transported and stored in large quantities. Due to its greatly reduced volume, it is flexible in use, easy to transport and serves as a storable energy source. At CM Fluids we create a link between biogas plant operators, municipalities and other operators of vehicle fleets – and thus lay the foundation for the promotion of regional and sustainable transport!

We like to move: low emissions thanks to liquid biomethane

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