Proven technology

CMF drive has already been in use for years and provides daily proof that the green future has already begun.

Conversion of existing vehicles

CMF Fluids enables your city bus to have a second, contemporary life through retrofitting – “Second Life” for your mobility offering, so to speak. Thus, our CM Fluids conversion system helps you enormously to save the generally scarce resources.

New vehicles

The CMF drive also does well in new vehicles due to its advantages such as efficiency or CO2 reduction.

Electric bus – only better

The patented drive recovers braking energy, can drive with zero local emissions and does not require a charging station!

In case of need a mobile emergency generator

The CM Fluids conversion system can be used as a self-sufficient emergency generator in the event of a failure of the public power supply.

The most cost-effective solution for the climate

The CMF drive saves resources, energy and costs.


A tank with 500 liters of liquid biomethane is sufficient for a mileage of 800 km and is therefore the ideal solution for intercity and touring traffic.

Climate-positive buses thanks to CMF drive.

The CMF drive is an electric bus with on-board charging station. Thanks to conversion with CM Fluids’ solution, buses and trucks run on electricity from sustainable biomass!

Vehicle concept

  • Customized buffer battery
  • Low weight
  • Low cost
  • Brake energy storage

  • Climate-positive fuel Bio-LNG
  • Fast refueling
  • Long range

  • Electric axle drive
  • High drive power
  • High torque starting
  • Local emission-free
  • Quiet...

  • Charges the battery
  • High efficiency
  • Engine waste heat as heating energy

CO2 ­Bilanzierung

Unsere CO2-Bilanzierung wird jährlich neu berechnet und evaluiert. Hier erhalten Sie die aktuelle Auswertung des Treibhausgas (THG)-Fußabdrucks des CM Fluids Konzepts.

Munich Airport

Flughafen München GmbH has had the first CMF drive in operation as a passenger bus on the apron since October 2021. We have given an old diesel bus (built in 1999) a second life as a climate-positive showcase bus. The bus drivers are very happy with the way the new, old bus drives.


NEObus - Negative Emission Public Transport

Another bus is used in Baden Württemberg for the company Bottenschein Reisen. Compared to the airport bus, the NEObus is designed to be a bit more powerful so that it can also master mountainous overland journeys in Baden Württemberg without any problems.

1 tank filling 0 km range

Clean Vehicle
Directive ready

up to 0 % less noise than diesel buses

More economical than hydrogen or electric buses (TCO)

Climate positive

up to 0 % less particulate matter than diesel buses

– ready

0 l fill up in 5 min

We will be happy to advise you
on CO2-neutral conversion of your vehiclefleet.

Dr.-Ing. Hans Friedmann