Driving Projects – we drive climate protection in the transport sector

If all city buses in Germany were operated exclusively with the CMF drive generator-electric drive from CM Fluids, just 5 % of the biogas currently produced in Germany would be required.

As a start-up company, we are currently talking to local authorities and other operators of various vehicle fleets and advising them on emission-free driving. 

We are launching our first project with Munich Airport, one of the busiest aviation hubs in Europe.

We like to move!

CM Fluids has set itself the goal of revolutionising regional public transport. 

With our patented CMF drive, we make regional public transport of municipalities, cities and airports CO2-neutral, along with the transport vehicles of private companies. Any commercial vehicle can be converted to operate energy-efficiently, and when fuelled with biomethane it’s even climate-neutral.

We produce biogas …

… split it …

… and use liquid CH4

… to power our CMF drive

Our CMF drive is a generator-electric drive

This drive can be installed in any vehicle. Its advantages are particularly apparent in city buses and rubbish collection vehicles. What makes it even more environmentally friendly is that you don’t have to replace your complete vehicle fleet, but can convert it with CMF drive and therefore achieve your sustainability goals.

In addition, we supply you with liquid biomethane to supply your vehicles with fuel – so your vehicles are CO2-neutral. The biomethane is derived from biogas from regional production plants.

Our sustainable cycle at a glance

CM Fluids – our history

CM Fluids was founded to market the underestimated potential of biomethane. Once Germany’s Renewable Energy Sources subsidy comes to an end, many biogas production plants are in danger of ceasing operations. This is where we come in, and where we can enable profitable operation even after the subsidy expires: our core business is the operation of biogas liquefaction plants. We process biogas into liquid bio-carbon dioxide and liquid biomethane. Our business segments are therefore divided into the marketing of both substances, and the retrofitting of commercial vehicles with the generator-electric drive (GEV) CMF drive.

We like to move – behind CM Fluids is a team that pursues a clear vision: to make municipal transport climate-neutral and sustainable. With our expertise in the fields of mechanical engineering and physics, financial planning and marketing, we have the necessary tools to expand our bus conversion business in the coming years. We have strong partners at our side who are specialists in their field, and who support us actively with the necessary know-how.

Dr. -Ing. Hans Friedmann

Franz Böhm

Peter Martetschläger

Lena Friedmann

Markus Ostermeier

Interview with Lena Friedmann

„Together we move it“

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