Why we exist

Local fuel for local fleets! We make heavy commercial vehicles fit for the traffic turnaround at low cost.

CM Fluids has developed the most pragmatic and environmentally friendly solution for bus operators after the end of diesel buses – ready for immediate use. Convert your fleet to our proven system now!

We offer biogas plant operators a partnership for bio-LNG production as a substitute for regional diesel requirements. Together with you, we are treading the path to the future!

In this way, we close regional loops and help save emissions in mobility. Cost-effective and extremely sustainable!

CM Fluids was founded to make the best use of the underestimated potential of biogas in the fight against climate change. In 2015, the year of its foundation, biogas was not held in high esteem and many plants were threatened with closure after the expiry of the subsidies under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), while at the same time requirements were rising sharply, driving up operating costs.

In times when the fast ramp-up of (regional) renewable energy production is of existential importance, it is hard to imagine that biogas plants were threatened to be shut down.

This situation gave rise to the idea for CM Fluids, which continues to evolve to this day.

Our vision

A regional, decentralized circular economy using biogas as a carbon store and energy source.

How do we achieve this?

When biomass grows, plants extract CO2 from the atmosphere using solar energy. This is photosynthesis. The CO2 and solar energy are then stored in the biomass in the form of hydrocarbons. Biogas plants allow the conversion of the mass into methane and CO2 in a storable form. Methane can be used as an energy carrier where electricity or batteries reach their limits or are inefficient. The CO2 can displace fossil CO2 as carbon dioxide or dry ice in the food industry, or in many technical applications. Bio-CO2 can serve green hydrogen as a carrier and make the energy of hydrogen more storable and transportable. In the future, green CO2 along with green hydrogen will be needed in large quantities to produce synthetic fuels for aircraft and ships.

Germany already has around 9,500 biogas plants spread throughout the country. Few of them are connected to the natural gas grid. Most produce renewable electricity, some can use waste heat from electricity production, many cannot. An average biogas plant could power more than 50 city buses or trucks with CO2-negative fuel.

With biological residues and waste materials from the region and modern energy crops, one wins in each nearby biogas plant fuel which supplies the public passenger and goods transport independently of import, war in other countries, or global stock market developments. The added value remains in the region, the prices stable and the global goods transport is relieved..

We process biogas into liquid bio-carbon dioxide and liquid biomethane. We install biogas liquefaction plants, we operate them and market the products. In addition, we exclusively offer the appropriate new or converted city bus based on the CMF drive.